DG-3D is a creative work-shop specializing in fabricating 3D props, structures, and signage. Our team of craftsman and designers combine artistry with 3D CNC technology to bring complex concepts to life.


All products produced at the DG-3D studio are created with our own state of the art process of three dimensional scanning and CNC fabrication. Our team of professional artist and craftsmen then bring the work to life with hand crafted care. All the materials we use are fire rated and safety compliant. We have the ability to coat all our projects with an impact resistant, weather proof, plastic, making our pieces great for any type of environment.

Whether a project is made from wood, steel, or foam, it will be crafted with quality and accuracy using CNC technology, thus, giving our clients the ability to see the project before the work begins, so that they can have the confidence that the end product is exactly what they are expecting.